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Complementary Coaching

RECEIVE SOME TIPS FROM OUR TEAM with complementary coaching

Complementary coaching is located just outside the cozy confines of our private lesson yurt, this coaching experience awaits, subject to instructor availability.

These mini-sessions are designed to enhance your skiing or snowboarding skills. Our experienced team of instructors will provide you with valuable insights into the fundamentals of stopping and slowing down, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable time on the slopes.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to build confidence or an intermediate rider seeking to refine your technique, our team is here to support you. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to receive some guidance, and unlock the full potential of your winter adventure. Join us and carve your path to success on the mountain, one tip at a time.

These complementary coaching sessions are short moments! We highly recommend guests book a group instruction session with one of our coaches for up to 4 people.

Is this your first time? Please take a look at our beginner guide for some helpful tips.

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