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Embracing the Storm: Navigating Winter Adventures at Lee Canyon

Subaru on a Road

At Lee Canyon, we’re no strangers to a good storm…

At Lee Canyon, we’re no strangers to a good storm! However, we understand that not everyone, nor their cars, is fully prepared for the challenges that come with heavy snowfall. With a significant amount of snow on the horizon, it’s essential to find the right balance between embracing the beauty of the storm and ensuring safety on the roads.

The Tradeoff:

When the snow starts falling, it signals a need for heightened attention, especially for those hitting the road. One common question we receive is, “Do I need chains?” The answer is a resounding YES if it’s snowing or expected to snow. For those embarking on a winter adventure, investing in tire chains and keeping them in your vehicle is an essential safety measure to have in your car. NV Roads is another great resource for finding out what road restrictions are active.

Road Conditions:

On days like today and throughout the upcoming week, tire chains or 4WD/AWD with snow-rated tires are essential. SR-156 Lee Canyon Road may have restrictions enforced by local law enforcement, and there might be temporary stops for vehicles heading up SR-158 to address incidents. While it’s extremely rare for SR-158 to “close,” it’s crucial to gear up, pack patience, and ensure your tires are ready for the journey.

A Convenient Solution:

For those whose trips coincide with storms, fear not! We’ve introduced an easy self-service option to convert single-day purchases into a resort credit. This credit can be utilized for future trips through our online store or for items at the resort, such as meals or gear from Lee Canyon Sports.

To begin the process, find your order confirmation email and click “My Account.” You can convert your order to a resort credit, but be sure to submit any requests before 11:59 PM the night before your trip.

Driving Do’s & Don’ts:


  • Review our winter driving tips.
  • Leave earlier than planned.
  • Be kind and patient with local officials.
  • Expect delays during storms.
  • Pack your tire chains.


  • Stop on the road to put on your tire chains – find designated spots along SR156 for safety.
  • Pass on blind turns.
  • Ride the bumper of another car.
  • Ignore speed limits or other traffic signage.

These do’s and don’ts are just the beginning, but following them will contribute significantly to everyone having a safe and enjoyable day on the mountain.

Embrace the Storm & Stay Informed:

Interested in Lee Canyon weather alerts? Sign up for our Powder Alerts to receive email or SMS notifications directly to your device, keeping you informed about Lee Canyon conditions.

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