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Mountain venue to host corporate groups

Get your office out of the office!

Are you looking for a unique and memorable location for your next team outing? Look no further than Lee Canyon in Las Vegas! With its stunning natural beauty and year-round activities, Lee Canyon provides the perfect backdrop for corporate groups to practice team building, networking, and corporate bonding.

Imagine your team taking a break from the hectic pace of the workplace and trading in their business suits for hiking gear. In the summer months, enjoy an invigorating hike through the scenic wilderness, or try your hand at mountain biking or disc golf. Featuring…

  • Group Dining
  • Outdoor Activities Packages
  • Customizable Indoor/Outdoor Spaces with Breathtaking Views

So why settle for the same old stale corporate outings? Take your team to new heights and create lasting memories at Lee Canyon Las Vegas. Contact us today to start planning your unforgettable event. To begin the process, please fill out our Corporate Groups inquiry form.

Learn more about getting to Lee Canyon.

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