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Hiking at Lee Canyon


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As of May 24, 2024, the Lower Bristlecone Trailhead is OPEN. However, only a portion of the Lower Bristlecone Trail will be available, making it an out-and-back hike, while the Upper Bristlecone Trail remains closed.

Please visit to view hiking trails in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area.

The USFS has indefinitely CLOSED the Bristlecone Upper Bristlecone Trailhead and Trail.

Discover the natural wonderland of Lee Canyon, where hiking becomes an extraordinary adventure just 45 minutes away from the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Located in the heart of Mt. Charleston, our hiking trails offer a chance to explore the great outdoors.

Explore the Bristlecone Trail, a captivating 6.5-mile loop that winds through a mesmerizing forest of ancient ponderosa pines. This moderate hike leads to a breathtaking scenic overlook, where you’ll encounter groves of bristlecone pines that have stood for millennia, some over 4,800 years old! It’s a journey through time and nature like no other.

Prefer a shorter stroll? Our Nature Loop, less than a mile in length, invites you to immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of quaking aspens. Accessible from the resort or the Upper Bristlecone Trail, it’s a perfect escape into the lush wilderness.

Head over to our maps page to learn more about getting around the resort.

And while you explore, remember to follow Leave No Trace principles to protect the delicate ecosystem and keep our trails pristine. Leash up your furry friends, as dogs are welcome too.

Experience the captivating allure of Lee Canyon’s hiking paradise, where every step is a moment of wonder. Please note that early summer may still reveal traces of snow.

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