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What to Bring on Your MTB Trip

Mountain Biker

Ready to hit the trails at our downhill mountain bike park? To make the most of your ride and ensure a safe, exhilarating experience, here’s a quick guide on what to bring with you to make the most of your trip to Lee Canyon.

The Basics

What to Wear: Comfort is key. Dress as if you were going for a hike: athletic shoes, socks, long pants, and a long-sleeve shirt are ideal. A rain jacket and a change of clothes are advisable if the weather looks iffy.

Protective Gear: To ride in our bike park, every guest is REQUIRED to wear a helmet. We would highly recommend guests ride with a full-face helmet that can protect their face & teeth in a fall. Other recommended items are goggles, gloves knee/shin pads, and elbow pads. Guests can find these & other items for purchase at Lee Canyon Sports.

Stay Safe with Sun Protection: Mountain sun can be intense. Don’t forget to slather on extra sunscreen before you head out and reapply throughout the day to avoid sunburn.

Hydration: Riding can be exhausting. Keep your energy levels up by staying hydrated and bringing a reusable water bottle.

Start Right with Breakfast: Fuel your body with a hearty breakfast. A nutritious meal in the morning ensures you have the stamina to tackle the trails all day long.

More Tips

Flat-soled shoes offer better grip on your pedals, and sunglasses or other eye protection are essential to shield your eyes from dust and debris.

To Sum It Up

Remember, having the right gear not only boosts your performance but also enhances your overall enjoyment of the sport. If you need any equipment, our Pro Shop and Lee Canyon Sports have you covered.

Gear up, stay safe, and enjoy the ride!

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